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A famous Korean exclusive cosmetics brand. Skinfood company is well-known around the globe for its products made of only natural components, which ensures lack of any uncomfortable sensations and harmful effects on your skin. Cosmetic items have a stylish appearance and surprisingly unique fragrances – wild strawberries, as if freshly picked in the forest, ripe apples, coffee, chocolate, and other pleasant aromas are presented in this company's product line that enjoys popularity all over the world.



Delicious Cosmetics Made of Delicious Foods
Food Cosmetics, SKINFOOD

Under the motto of 'good food for health is also good for the skin', SKINFOOD is the first food cosmetic brand developed
with a differentiated unique concept of 'food'.
SKINFOOD delivers complete nutrition to the skin through the strict selection of foods that are good for the skin including avocado,
which is even listed in the Guinness World Records, rice that is reliable for taking care of health, fresh milk, and sturdy tomato.

Our products are scented and bottled according to their design and formulation concepts, to indulge you with the freshness and
nutrients of their main ingredients. SKINFOOD always looks for skin-affinitive food to bring you the best products.

SKINFOOD's Food Principles

"To protect your skin for 14 years, not just for 14 days."

That is the goal of SKINFOOD.
We believe in beauty within food.
It takes a long time for us to produce products
from cultivating the ingredients to making them into actual cosmetics, but our products manifest effects for a longer time.

SKINFOOD Only Think of Food for Your Skin.


SKINFOOD believes that all skin care needs-moisturizing, nourishing, firming,
and luminosity can be met with food.
The more we know, the better we can use food for our skin. SKINFOOD has experts that are dedicated to
studying the topical effects of food.
Finding food, studying their benefits, and developing them into products can take longer than
our customers may anticipate.
It takes time to grow healthy food, but it is right for your skin.

SKINFOOD Welcomes Trouble If It's to Make Reliable Products

SKINFOOD is not afraid of experimenting with our skin, as long as it's to make reliable products for
our customers; our developers use their faces to test all kinds of ingredients that they find:
ground or pulverized grains, vegetables, fruit, you name it.
We introduce products, only if they satisfy us before our customers-that's what SKINFOOD aims for.

SKINFOOD Finds the Best Origins for the Best Beauty Food

SKINFOOD does not mind travelling far, if it's to find the origin of the best and healthiest food ingredients.
From organic carrots in Jeju Island and black raspberries in Gochang, Korea to Russian caviar and salmon
in Hokkaido, Japan, our main ingredients are part of the results of our endless journey.
We even follow food exhibitions that take place everywhere around the world.
SKINFOOD never stops finding good food for your skin.  


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