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Agent ( buying from another korean shops)

If you want to buy from other web shops located in Korea you can make it through our shop.

Why do you need a mediator? Usually  everything comes in different boxes that takes extra space and item.

If you don’t know the Korean and it is difficult for you how to buy we can do it for you.

We charge 5-10 % (not less than 500 krw and not more than 12000 krw for each bought item)

There is no any other commission (besides the one is in the order i.e. delivery costs by EMS or airmail etc).

In future we can buy from many different Korean shops without any charges with constant big purchases…

The process of placing order is following:

Click the Agent button.



You will see the Agent order form.





Fill it out. We need a link to the web shop.

If there are many different models give us the link to a picture or upload it for us to be sure what to buy. Write us the color, size, whatever…

You can also put there the name of the shop or the seller, the model, the key etc.

The more correct your info will be the sooner and the cheaper we will buy it for you.


If there are few items to buy click add fill out the next form for each item.

When done click buy.

Then go to the basket and form the order.










You watch the agent order in My Account. 








Going to  "Agent orders"




After you send us an order we will inform you about the price.

Orders done with an Agent you can trace by entering your account

And to the Agent orders.

You can accept or decline(cancel) the order.






Your order will not be processed without your prepayment.  

If you can buy the item(s) (but Korean shop doesn’t deliver to your country) you can send it to our address filling the form to let us know who it belongs to and which shop it is from. We charge 5000 krw per item, repacking is free.

Checking items is charged separately if needed.  

Additional checking according to the list (colors and sizes) is free if the form was filled correctly.

If you need us to check each item for flaws and sizes with colors it will cost 2000 krw per item.

If your order costs less than 100 000 krw (invoice price) we will add 5000 krw for packing material.

If you order in a bulk from one shop, please let us know, we can try to arrange a discount if it is possible.


There are no any discount on these kind of orders.


Post address for delivery:


South Korea
#605, 6F, Hyundai Knowledge Industrial Center
291-1, Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu

моб. 82 1062 75 -2045

тел. 82 2  2469-2054

факс :  82 2 2469-2055



на корейском:

서울 금천구 독산동 291-1 번지 남서울현대지식산어센터 6층 605호
 사무실 전화 : 02-2169-2022,,,, 팩스 : 02-2169-2023


Kim Moon Gyeom



Don’t forget to mention your login in the form!

If there are no delivery to you country from other shops (ebay, etc.) You can send them to us and we will pass them to you. You should  notice about them in the form in order us to pack them.

For any questions ask : moomidae@gmail.com


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