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Terms Lottery

1. What is a lottery discounts?

The lottery involves only registered users (buyers) online store. The principle of the lottery is to choose randomly from all podzovatelya of registered users.

2. How to participate in the lottery?

Participants of the lottery may only be registered buyers and poshedshie all algorithms verefikatsii account.

3. How are the lottery?

All lotteries taking place in the automatic mode, without user intervention, or the administration of the store.

User selection is carried out using a random number generator, and a specially designed formula to select to users of

4. What is the prize ?

The prize fund of the game is coupons, prizes

The game is played with a single coupon.

The organizer of the lottery as well as administrators of the store did not have any material or non-material benefits. Only the lottery is designed to encourage customers of the online store

6. How to find out the result of circulation?

The results of the drawing can be seen on page Lottery.

7. How do I get a prize?

Withdraw possible only by using promotional code when shopping in this online store, and you can deduct the discount on the balance account store, and also receive a prize in your order