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News & Promotion EVENT






Writes reviews in bloggs,forums  etc... And  get Credit gifts 5000 won~ 30 000won

and  event discount of EMS , and gifts, gifts, gifts!

Promotion Event! 25.10-08.11.2015

this should be new registration, 

your first order,
The order should up $ 150, 

write nickname



P.S.  We send the parcel  surface parcel or small packet. ( resolve the administration. ) 

If your nick-name   have  5 new buyers  you get  coupon free shipping ( period - 2month ).

Not for agent purchase. -






Promotion Event! 25.08 - 05.10.2015)

Free shipping if your order more then 250 USD and  items, wich this categories:





Also for  categories : ( women clothesmen clothes, child clothes, evening dresses , shoes, bags ,

 ( how send resolve the administration od site )















Brand Holika with a single order of 200 000von, 15% discount

Для бренда холика при едином заказе от 200 000вон , скидка 15%


Period 10.03~15.04




EVENT for dresses category !!!

If buyng more then 10 psc ( dresses ) ,

you can receive  30 000won

Coupon Discount Code ccfrsAna




EVENT2 (10.03~28.05)












In the past year, we want to make gifts and coupons and discount our special customers!


Free shipping if Total order over 200 000won

for ZALD******EL, E**e, ka****a, W*t





The best buyers on our site clothes.

Given on 1tovar (not needed) 10% from our site.

Given a coupon for 5 times! (5 products)

exactly what the winners have to write (as the program on the website when ordering was not done) - the goods the buyer chooses in any order from our site category clothing

Winners: v *** ra, sm *** 84, v ** dy, ann ***** ka




Conscientious shoppers who pay in advance 100% before order, given the action to forward EMC 20% discount.

Can be used three times. (What kind of a parcel or order the buyer decides for himself - wrote in a letter) When ordering, since the program is not done, then the invoice will count for 20%

Ju*i , n**a, f**sa




Best customers for the purchase agent.

3 Items of agent (which the buyer chooses and writes separately) is given a 10% discount on the price of the goods.

winners: R**cy, N***n, i****11, 





The best bloggers who have written reviews and individual gifts


ta*****a, an*****r





призы :




Best customers a year.

given 1 free shipment for things (only) the categories women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories.
When ordering from 200 000 won
If in addition to ordering more in this category, there are other (eg cosmetics, food) it will consider forwarding only for those goods. how much they weigh. for categories of clothing will not be considered.
Since online programmers could not even prepare a program.
Therefore it is necessary for me to write what package you want to use this coupon.
  Because the code is given once.
We invoice will not generally be considered shipment for these categories of things that are in stock.

v***y, R****y, Ta*****a, an*****r



Special gifts to the best buyers of cosmetics:

R****y, An*****r, Ta*****a, Z*****_*m, p****st, Ma**dy, v***y, A****86 , Ir***i

All coupons and promotions per order (one box) together are not cumulative (ie one coupon, one prize per box). Do not share,

You can use the shares to March 2015





Для пересылки - сборная-самовывоз

Уведомляем Вас, что с 1 декабря 2014 будут увеличены сроки доставки заказов по направлениям Екатеринбург, Тюмень, Челябинск.
   Сроки доставки в Екатеринбург и Тюмень увеличиваются на 2 дня:
Заказы, с забором в Москве в понедельник, будут доставляться в субботу.
Заказы с забором во вторник – будут доставляться в понедельник.
С забором в среду – будут доставляться во вторник.
С забором в четверг – доставка в среду.
С забором в пятницу – доставка в четверг.
Заказы, с забором в субботу, а так же заказы, переданные на склад в воскресение – будут доставлены в пятницу.
   Сроки доставки в Челябинск увеличиваются на 1 день:
Заказы, с забором в Москве в понедельник, будут доставляться в пятницу.
Заказы с забором во вторник – будут доставляться в субботу.
С забором в среду – будут доставляться в понедельник.
С забором в четверг – доставка во вторник.
С забором в пятницу – доставка в среду.
Заказы, с забором в субботу, а так же заказы, переданные на склад в воскресение – будут доставлены в четверг.






24.10~ 07.11 /2014

EMS discount !


For Japan, China, HongKong   ( only for Women, Men, Child clothing  category ) -  free shipping ,  if  total order more then 300 000won!


For 3 zone

more then 400 000won =  20% discount , exept  cosmetic ( for this category  15% )

more then 300 000 won = 15% discount , exeprt cosmetic  ( for this category  10%)

more then 200 000 won = 10% discount  for all.