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Product Code: Agent service
Weight: 0.35kg
Price: ₩5,000
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 If your order less 100 000 , min comission is 5000 won

If you buy  himself , write  this address

South Korea
Seoul 153-813
#605, 6F, Hyundai Knowledge Industrial Center
291-1, Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu

моб. 82 1062 75 -2045

тел. 82 2  2469-2054

факс :  82 2 2469-2055



korean :

153-813 서울 금천구 독산동 291-1 번지 남서울현대지식산어센터 6층 605호
 사무실 전화 : 02-2169-2022,,,, 팩스 : 02-2169-2023

Kim Moon Gyeom




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