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In our store Moomi-daeri.com you can buy women's clothing from Korea, as well as men's clothing, children's clothing and Korean cosmetics.

Korean clothing is famous for its excellent quality of Chinese cloth. Clothes from Korea, you can wear for a long time. Also  shoes from Korea.

A strong love for all over the world and occupies a Korean cosmetics. World-famous brands: Missha, HolikaHolika, TonyMoly, The Faceshop, Skinfood, Innisfree, It'sskin, Mizon, Scinic, Secret Key, Skin House, Beyond, Etude House, Saem, Onl and many other companies, you can buy our website .



Colors and sizes can be some differences

Super bignote virtual touch screen ! Smart-Interactive virtual Board BIGNOTE ! FREE SHIPPING!!!!

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Bignote is a virtual touch screen device that utilizes video coordinate analysis technologies.
The Bignote video sensor will detect lights from an electric pen and uses a special algorithm to create coordinates. Thus, you are able to create a touch screen regardless of type of screen. In addition, it is easy to use by touch without installing a physical device on the display. It is simple and easy to use but can guarantee quality as good as any other expensive touch hardware device.
From now on, you will have the biggest note in the world.
Bignote allows you to prepare an interactive and dynamic presentation, not just a passive, showing only presentation. On the screen now you can write and draw figures, letters, diagrams and comments as freely as you want.
There are lots of expensive electronic whiteboards yet the high prices do not guarantee performance or quality.
Bignote is combined with general projectors or TVs to operate as a perfect interactive whiteboard at a low cost. The least expensive and the most practical interactive whiteboard with the best quality is finally here.
TV is no longer just for watching.
When TV meets interactive Bignote, you can use pens to play games and write something down.
These functions are possible if your TV meets Bignote. It will be a smart touch TV that your kids can enjoy.


For sale please write  : moomidae@gmail.com


The biggest digital note in the world...
All the images on your PC will be turned into notes you can write and erase.
In the past, all you did was look at the screen. Now, you can use it as your own digital note and media board. The data on your mobile device can be shared through Bignote and without using additional mobile mirroring solutions, you can display the mobile device data on the screen and TV by using Bignote.
















Welcome to Moomidae

Welcome to our shop - only here you will find a wide range of goods from South Korea! Range of our products is very broad: women's, men's and children's clothing and shoes, and bags, stationery, cosmetics, household goods and food, and much more - over 8,000 products! All products can be purchased at retail and wholesale prices are low: choose, consult and buy. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience for you and your loved ones!

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